Collaborative Poem


Sitting alone by the window,
watching the lightning electrify the night.
The roaring swelter of the fireplace collides with the crisp cold air.
With this gift of time to myself, I am truly relaxed.
I should be tending to the bills that are past due,
but as my senses take over, all worry is pushed aside.

George will take care of our bills and come see me tomorrow.
For now, it is time to rest my mind.
As the mind drifts, I consider the irony of having George as a caretaker.
He is 12 years older than me; shouldn’t I be taking care of him?
He seems so happy, realizing he’s helped me let go of some of my demons.
I close my eyes and think about the events that brought us together.

Everything was planned to perfection and then the unthinkable happened.
I was enjoying a lovely day when all of the sudden a tornado dropped from the sky.
Although no one died in that storm, our personal lives became twisted in that cyclone.
Our homes were in shambles and my legs were in pain but this neighbor’s support pulled me through it all.
Now I’m overwhelmed with sadness knowing, without my legs, I am not able to fulfill his desires.
As the storm moves off, I’m comforted that perhaps, so surprisingly, we’ve found love.

This was written by 6 women taking turns adding a line. We were all surprised at different times with the direction it was taking. Thanks Barbara, Jennifer, Lori, Lynda, and Ramona!




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